Reimagining Recovery is offering FREE peer-led mutual aid meetings online every other day (15+ every month!) for as long as this state of emergency persists. Click on the event you’re interested in on the Google calendar below, it will pull up a description with the link to join the meeting through Zoom.

Here’s the lineup so far!

4/26 Tough Times Toolbox
4/27 Reimagining Recovery Process Group
4/28 Crash Course In Online Facilitation for Reimagining Recovery
4/30 Dismantling Stigma
5/1 Making Activist Spaces More Accessible
5/2 Trauma & Substance Use: Connecting the Dots
5/4 Cultivating Self-Compassion
5/7 Confronting Ableism: Unpacking Problematic Language
5/9 Reimagining Recovery Orientation
5/11 Holding Onto Hope (As The World Burns)
5/13 Down With The DSM!
5/15 Reimagining Recovery Orientation
5/17 Living Well With ADHD
5/19 Celebrating Neurodiversity!
5/21 Challenging Toxic Positivity & The Cult Of Happiness
5/23 Your Chosen Family Tree: Growing Your Support Network, Social Distancing Edition
5/25 The Politics of Empowerment: Reimagining Locus Of Control
5/27 The Myth of Laziness: Understanding Executive Dysfunction
5/29 Brain, Heal Thyself: Exploring Neuroplasticity
5/31 Trauma, Memory, And The Brain
6/2 Crip Camp Watch Party
6/4 Binaries That Bind Us: In/Dependence– Moving Towards Interdependence


All of our in-person meetings are postponed until further notice. Here is our normal schedule:

-Every Monday at 7:00-9:00 PM at Taborspace ( 5441 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97215 )

-Every Sunday 1:00-3:00 PM at Q Center ( 4115 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, Oregon 97217 )

-Every 2nd and 4th Friday at Alano Club of Portland 7:00-9:00 PM ( 909 NW 24th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97210 )