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Community Agreements

Read this before posting. Here are the guidelines for the group

1. No racism, homophobia, Xenophobia, biphobia, transphobia, enbyphobia, ableism, mansplaining, Islamaphobia, anti-semitism, slutshaming, kinkshaming, bodyshaming, shaming of any kind, fatphobia or talking over POC, LGBT+, disabled, etc members. You can and will be banned. None of us are perfect, and there will be chances to learn and grow, but outright hatefulness is not allowed, full stop. No tone policing. Oppressed people have the right to be mad and punch up.
No deleting. Posts and comments stay up for accountability. Dirty deleting will result in a ban.
2. No reporting to facebook. Tag a modmin in if you see something. We don't want to group shut down.
3. Be respectful. We're not all going to agree about everything, but everyone is human and deserving of respect. Argue with the point, not the person. Attack the merit of their point, not them as a person. Do not attack members for their appearance, spelling/grammar abilities, or using any type of information you might gather from their profile. No profile mining.
4. No gatekeeping. No one owns a community and no one has to fit your definition of what they should be.
5. No exclusionists.
6. No r*pe apologists or abuse apologists.
7. If a member asks for a trigger warning or content warning (TW/CW) add it. No questions asked.
8. No blocking the modmin team or people who call you out.
9. No swerfs or terfs. If you can't support trans people and sex workers, you will get banned.
10. This group is a safe space. Do not screenshot and share outside of this group without permission from everyone involved. When you post screenshots, protect people's identities and blur out their name. No doxxing members either.
11. Stay out of the DMs without permission. If theres a problem, tag a mod. You can ask to DM someone if you want; respect their answer.
Banning and muting are at the discretion of the mods. Modmin DMs are open, but we are human and live in different time zones.