AMA With Reimagining Recovery Founder Molly Indrelie


Just for fun… Join us for this this AMA-style Q&A session with Reimagining Recovery founder Molly Indrelie. Nothing’s off-topic or too personal!


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Upcoming Online Groups

I added over a month’s worth of events to the schedule! To join a meeting, scroll down to the Google calendar and click on the event you’re interested in. An event description will pop up with the details and the link to join in through Zoom. Click it and follow the prompts to join the discussion. (We are likely going to switch to Jitsi for security reasons, but we’re still in transition, stay tuned).

Anyways… Here’s the lineup:

4/26 Tough Times Toolbox
4/27 Reimagining Recovery Process Group
4/28 Crash Course In Online Facilitation for Reimagining Recovery
4/30 Dismantling Stigma
5/1 Making Activist Spaces More Accessible
5/2 Trauma & Substance Use: Connecting the Dots
5/4 Cultivating Self-Compassion
5/7 Confronting Ableism: Unpacking Problematic Language
5/9 Reimagining Recovery Orientation
5/11 Holding Onto Hope (As The World Burns)
5/13 Down With The DSM!
5/15 Reimagining Recovery Orientation
5/17 Living Well With ADHD
5/19 Celebrating Neurodiversity!
5/21 Challenging Toxic Positivity & The Cult Of Happiness
5/23 Your Chosen Family Tree: Growing Your Support Network, Social Distancing Edition
5/25 The Politics of Empowerment: Reimagining Locus Of Control
5/27 The Myth of Laziness: Understanding Executive Dysfunction
5/29 Brain, Heal Thyself: Exploring Neuroplasticity
5/31 Trauma, Memory, And The Brain
6/2 Crip Camp Watch Party
6/4 Binaries That Bind Us: In/Dependence– Moving Towards Interdependence
6/6 Sleep Hygiene 101
6/8 Recovery Is Not Linear: Intro To Dialectical Abstinence
6/10 Harm Reduction 101
6/12 Let’s Make Ingratitude Journals!
6/14 Your Emotional Survival Guide To The Pandemic
6/16 Burning Bridges To Stay Warm: Navigating Estrangement
6/18 Coping With Climate Grief
6/20 Living Well With ADHD

Interview for Mad In America

Journalist and activist Leah Harris recently interviewed me (the founder of Reimagining Recovery) for an article about mutual aid projects during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out the link below!

“Not Fragile”: Survivor-Led Mutual Aid Projects Flourish in a Time of Crisis

From the article:

Mutual Aid in “Every Sense of the Word”

In Portland, Oregon, Molly Indrelie had already been organizing meetings for the last 18 months as part of the independent mutual-aid group and neurodiversity club Reimagining Recovery. Indrelie began organizing the groups around the city in 2018 and runs a Facebook group of the same name with over 168,000 followers.

Before the pandemic, Reimagining Recovery had been discussing mutual aid topics such as “Coping with Climate Grief” and “Beyond the Rehab-Industrial Complex.” Indrelie had initially tried to offer online groups but found the in-person events to be more well attended. Now, Indrelie says, the online groups are attended by about 50 percent locals, with the rest being new national and international participants. Like Cypher, Indrelie sees the creeping impacts of social distancing measures: “There’s a lot of people in isolation, struggling.”

An unsmiling white woman with a half shaved head wears an argyle sweater.
Molly Indrelie

Indrelie says that the daily groups are mutual aid “in every sense of the word.” A self-described autodidact who dropped out of high school, she added, “It would be easy to see what I’m doing as just ‘volunteering,’ but I get so much out of it. A lot of the planning that I do for the meetings is the kind of stuff that I’d be researching and learning about anyways.”

Among a host of subjects, the groups have discussed the impact of ageism and ableism in the current climate. Narratives stating that the coronavirus is only likely to kill “the elderly and the immunocompromised,” as well as conversations about rationing of life-saving supplies, cause disabled communities to feel disposable and threatened. Indrelie told Mad in America: “There’s eugenics sentiment rearing up, and that’s fucking scary. And, Trump wanting to make it easier to forcibly treat folks is also very scary and worrisome.” These stressful realities weigh on Indrelie and group participants.

In recent days, Indrelie has had to take the occasional break from facilitating to tend to her own needs. She recognizes the need for skill-sharing and sustainability over what may be a lengthy period of crisis and uncertainty. To that end, Indrelie plans to host a workshop on April 2 for Reimagining Recovery community members who’d like to grow their skills in online group facilitation.

Reimagining Recovery Online Orientation

Curious about Reimagining Recovery and want to learn more? Hesitant to join a meeting until you know what you’re getting into?

Join us from anywhere for this information session! All are welcome, whether you’re in recovery or not!

Many of our Facebook page’s followers aren’t aware that we also offer free peer-led mutual aid groups! Join us on Zoom to learn about our project, it’s history, as well as our values, philosophy and approach. We’ll go over what to expect at your first meeting. We’ll also discuss what awaits for the future of Reimagining Recovery and plans for developing the website into a library of free recovery curricula– group discussion questions and activities, handouts and worksheets, suggested reading, relevant podcasts and videos, journal and art prompts, etc– Everything you need to start your own group, all for free and in the creative commons, à la Wikipedia. There will also be a Q&A session at the end. This event will be recorded and shared publicly (I’ll post the link to download after the event).

Hope to see you there! Click on the links below to join.

Saturday May 9th @7-8:30 PDT
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Friday May 16th @ 1-2:30 PDT
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Apologies for any confusion…

In an effort to take care of my own mental health, I’ve had to cancel a couple meetings on rather short notice recently (example: Today’s noon meeting). Of course, I know my readers will understand and not judge me for having to set limits. I’ve even had people thank me for modeling good boundaries and self-care. (Y’all are great! <3 )

I post the events in several places (facebook, meetup, etc.) so sometimes I forget to post about a cancellation or update an event page (especially when I’m dysregulated). As of now, the best and usually most accurate place to check for updates and schedule changes is

In order to plan ahead for these eventualities, I’m looking for folks to volunteer their time by facilitating their own Reimagining Recovery groups, as well as fill in for me periodically. With my day job grinding to a halt, I finally have more time to devote to mentoring those that are interested in helping out. I’ve scheduled a crash-course in Online Facilitation on April 2nd at noon PDT. (Link to Zoom meeting below)

Thanks for your understanding! Take care of yourselves & each other out there!!!

– Molly Indrelie
Founder of Reimagining Recovery


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