Reimagining Recovery

Upcoming Online Groups

I added over a month’s worth of events to the schedule! To join a meeting, scroll down to the Google calendar and click on the event you’re interested in. An event description will pop up with the details and the link to join in through Zoom. Click it and follow the prompts to join the discussion. (We are likely going to switch to Jitsi for security reasons, but we’re still in transition, stay tuned).

Anyways… Here’s the lineup:

4/26 Tough Times Toolbox
4/27 Reimagining Recovery Process Group
4/28 Crash Course In Online Facilitation for Reimagining Recovery
4/30 Dismantling Stigma
5/1 Making Activist Spaces More Accessible
5/2 Trauma & Substance Use: Connecting the Dots
5/4 Cultivating Self-Compassion
5/7 Confronting Ableism: Unpacking Problematic Language
5/9 Reimagining Recovery Orientation
5/11 Holding Onto Hope (As The World Burns)
5/13 Down With The DSM!
5/15 Reimagining Recovery Orientation
5/17 Living Well With ADHD
5/19 Celebrating Neurodiversity!
5/21 Challenging Toxic Positivity & The Cult Of Happiness
5/23 Your Chosen Family Tree: Growing Your Support Network, Social Distancing Edition
5/25 The Politics of Empowerment: Reimagining Locus Of Control
5/27 The Myth of Laziness: Understanding Executive Dysfunction
5/29 Brain, Heal Thyself: Exploring Neuroplasticity
5/31 Trauma, Memory, And The Brain
6/2 Crip Camp Watch Party
6/4 Binaries That Bind Us: In/Dependence– Moving Towards Interdependence
6/6 Sleep Hygiene 101
6/8 Recovery Is Not Linear: Intro To Dialectical Abstinence
6/10 Harm Reduction 101
6/12 Let’s Make Ingratitude Journals!
6/14 Your Emotional Survival Guide To The Pandemic
6/16 Burning Bridges To Stay Warm: Navigating Estrangement
6/18 Coping With Climate Grief
6/20 Living Well With ADHD

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