Apologies for any confusion…

In an effort to take care of my own mental health, I’ve had to cancel a couple meetings on rather short notice recently (example: Today’s noon meeting). Of course, I know my readers will understand and not judge me for having to set limits. I’ve even had people thank me for modeling good boundaries and self-care. (Y’all are great! <3 )

I post the events in several places (facebook, meetup, etc.) so sometimes I forget to post about a cancellation or update an event page (especially when I’m dysregulated). As of now, the best and usually most accurate place to check for updates and schedule changes is http://www.reimaginingrecovery.org/schedule

In order to plan ahead for these eventualities, I’m looking for folks to volunteer their time by facilitating their own Reimagining Recovery groups, as well as fill in for me periodically. With my day job grinding to a halt, I finally have more time to devote to mentoring those that are interested in helping out. I’ve scheduled a crash-course in Online Facilitation on April 2nd at noon PDT. (Link to Zoom meeting below)

Thanks for your understanding! Take care of yourselves & each other out there!!!

– Molly Indrelie
Founder of Reimagining Recovery


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