Event: Confronting Ableism

MARCH 10th, MARCH 24th 2019 Q Center 4115 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, Oregon 97217


Ableism is discrimination or prejudice against people with disabilities (including invisible ones like PTSD, bipolar, and executive dysfunction– all of which the facilitator lives with).

Ableism comes in many forms, from intellectual elitism, to lack of accessibility protections, to stereotyping to systemic and institutional erasure, med shaming, cluster-B personality shaming, the anti vaccine movement, “sapiosexuality” and so much more.

We’ll share our personal experiences with ableism (including internalized ableism) in our daily lives and strategies for confronting it. We may also may explore some of the more difficult implications like the spectre of eugenics. We’ll also learn about the medical vs. Social models of disability.

Come with your own questions and ideas, this is an open conversation in which everyone is invited to share their thoughts and experiences (providing they’re not hateful, of course).


This is a continuation of our first Combating Ableism group; We want to keep the conversation going for at least a second and third session. You don’t need to have attended the first to come to the second or any subsequent events, though it’s recommended that you try to commit to as many as you can so as to create more of a container for the group. However, we understand that we all have limited energy and time to commit to things, and it’s hard to predict what each day will face us with, so I’ll try to organize it such that there will be a bit of overlap and continuity.

Please feel free to add suggestions for activities, journal or discussion questions, or any other idea you’ve got for the group. I’ll also periodically post links to articles or video lectures as I find them; you’re welcome to as well!

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